Our Values

The purpose of Grace Tabernacle is to lead people to Jesus! We believe everything is about Him. He is the greatest hope for humanity. The essence of who we are and hope to be is found in Jesus!

The grace of God is sufficient for us. We receive and express the heart of God in our daily walk. We are intentional about displaying the gracious love of God to all people regardless of where they are in their life’s journey.

We follow the passion of Jesus, and that is humanity. We love people of all races and backgrounds. We are not ashamed to love people regardless of where they are in life. Programs, services, and systems will never be more important than people. We see the best in others, just as God sees the best in us.

We give because Jesus gives! We follow His example shown in the Scriptures. We are generous with our time, resources, abilities, and lives. To act on generosity is to show the character of God. God has been so generous with us that we can’t help but to show our generosity as we grow in Him.

At Grace Tabernacle you will find people trying to please God. We are not perfect nor we claim to be. We make mistakes, we cry, we laugh and we enjoy life. We don’t have it all figure out, but we understand that our hope and identity is found in Christ. We rely on His Spirit to leads us in our journey in life.

Greatness is best displayed in service. We want to be a church that leads in service. We are here to serve! We serve with a spirit of excellence! The roles may vary but our passion to serve will always be the same. The greatest leader is the one who serves. We know this because the greatest man to ever live (Jesus) came to serve humanity.

We aim to create and maintain a community that is gospel centered. We are here to do life together. Jesus established the church to be a community where we can all experience love, acceptance, and encouragement. We seek to humbly display this community. We will work together to form a community that:

  • Reaches others with care and compassion
  • Forms Godly relationships and fellowships
  • Worships and prays together
  • Disciples and empowers others
  • Serves and does ministry